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Planishing hammer GL 2

For a perfect finish.

The GL 2 is the perfect tool to give the best possible surface finish on sheet metal parts already preformed. Fine laser weld seams can be planished fast and efficient using the GL 2 hammer.

The Planishing hammer GL 2 is essential for the manual forming of sheet metal. It can be used in car body restoration, in body repairs and in fact anywhere where metal has to be formed into a particular shape. The planishing hammer is also ideally suited for loosening warpage after bending sheet metal.

The Planishing hammer GL 2 is delivered complete with inserts for planishing, stretching and curving. New in the range are plastic inserts for working without surface damage, as well as inserts with movable tool shank for better processing at edges and corners. 

The planishing hammer GL 2 is available as a kit with a practical wall holder or as a kit in a clear case.

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