Measuring and reporting

The basic principle is the first piece control according the four-eyes principle in order to detect any deviation. Quality control during the production lot is defined by our process control guidelines or by your specific requirements.

Upon request, we record the complete manufacturing process in order to assure 100% traceability.

Working on your behalf

Air-conditioned measuring room
L8000, B5000, H4000
Constant room temperature (+/- 1°), Dust-free (overpressure regulated), Soundproof, Low-draft air duct, Optimal lighting conditions
ZEISS Contura G2 10/16/6
X1000, Y1600, Z600
3D coordinate measuring machine with active scanning head. Length measurement inaccuracies according to DIN EN ISO 10360-2: 0.0019+L/300. Max. work-piece weight: 1500 kg. Stylus rack with 8 positions
TESA Micro-Hite plus M 600,
0 - 615 mm
Vertical length measuring device with printer. Error limit: 0.0029 to 600 mm
TESA Hite plus D 350
0 - 365 mm
Vertical length measuring device, Error limit: 0.0051 to 350 mm
TESA Micro-Hite II
0 - 815 mm
Vertical length measuring device with printer. Error limit: 0.0078 to 800 mm
ø420 x 465
Tool pre-setter with 17" TFT colour touch screen and label printer. RS232 or Ethernet data transfer.
MICROSET EG300L Diagonally 320, Longitudinally 520, Tool pre-setter with 20x projector. 


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