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Since 1957.
For Makers. Since 1957.

Forming Tools

ECKOLD Machines and ECKOLD Tools - the perfect combination.

The range of ECKOLD tools available is unique. We have the right tool for all forming jobs and material qualities.

Tools are available for shrinking, stretching, doming, planishing, flattening, straightening, flanging, notching, punching and edging of sheet metal parts. Sturdiness and long tool-life is a mandatory design feature of all tools. ECKOLD forming tools are not built for a specific shape of the component or a specific material. They are truly universal, always fast, and clean and work precisely and with a minimum of noise.

The same tool can form profile sections, three-dimensional shapes and remove wrinkles. Precise correcting jobs are made possible by the very sensitive pressure adjustment of all machines. This principle is unique. All forming tools are of a quick change design which practically eliminates down time. No-mar tooling is available for smooth surfaces. These are not leaving any teethmarks on the workpiece.

Take care of your tools. Clean and fresh jaws and inserts preserve the rest of the tool and the machine. Worn and/or dirty tools result in unnecessary stress for the machine and tools. Contact us if you need any spare parts. 

In certain cases, titanium can be worked on with the ECKOLD Kraftformer. Please contact us for more information.

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