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Second Hand Kraftformer Machines

Used machines by ECKOLD in top condition

We are offering used and second hand machines which have been checked and repaired by us. Your advantages: Sales support and technical advice by experienced ECKOLD staff and warranty. Usually we have available pre-owened machines of the following types: KF 665, KF 460, Piccolo Kraftformer such as KF 314, KF 320, KF 324, KF 330 and KF 340.

» available second hand machines

 Important to know: Technical manuals and spare parts for Kraftformer types KF 309, KF 310, KF 653C (CV, CVA) und KF 400 are not available anymore. Inquiries regarding these machine types will no longer be processed. For machines older than 15 years, the availability of technical documents and spare parts is no longer guaranteed. Inquiries are supported, processed or, if necessary, rejected depending on the year of construction. Forming tools including their spare parts are available for all machine types, but with limitations for KF 653C (CV, CVA) and KF 400.

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Warning: We have noticed that there are used second hand machines in circulation with faked or counterfeit type plates with incorrect or untrue information. Please be careful.

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