For Makers.
Since 1957.
For Makers. Since 1957.

ECKOLD Contract Manufacturing

Quality, flexibility, commitment.

Our chipping manufacturing makes no compromises when it comes to quality and reliability. A close relationship with our customers and a clear understanding of their problems, combined with excellent consultancy services and strong engineering, provide the perfect foundation for optimised solutions and real added value. Our flexibility combined with guaranteed on-time delivery make us a valuable partner as a service provider. Our core competencies lie in the milling and turning of complex, precision work-pieces. Our premises are equipped with the latest equipment and tools.

We purchase your raw materials and manage the whole process (including external processing steps) and assembly. We deliver just-in-time or from stock according to your requirements.

Our business software assures full traceability. Let us convince you of our production services 'made in Graubünden'. 

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