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KF 340

…the one with the continuously adjustable working speed.

Depending on the workpiece or other job requirements the operator of the ECKOLD Kraftformer KF 340 can easily adjust the working speed between 220 and 600 strokes per minute. The powerful machine can form sheet metal and profiles up to 3.0 mm (m.s.) material thickness.

The KF 340 Kraftformer is one of the medium-sized motor driven machines. The steplessly adjustable lifting speed ensures optimal working. A slow speed is selected to form thicker material, for flattening, straightening or very precise finish forming. A high number of strokes facilitates and speeds up stretching, doming (dishing), planishing and planing.

Like with all other ECKOLD Kraftformer machines the large number of tools available makes the KF 340 power hammer the perfect “all-rounder” in the sheet shop.



Throat depth horizontal 340 mm
Throat height vertical 245 mm
Working strokes per minute - continuously adjustable 220 - 600
Forming capacity  
Steel (Rm = 400N/mm2) max. 3.0 mm
Aluminium (Rm = 250N/mm2) max. 4.0 mm
Stainless steel (Rm = 600N/mm2) max. 2.0 mm


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