For Makers.
Since 1957.


A history of innovation.

ECKOLD has always been a company with a highly innovative and pioneering spirit. Our clients experience this attitude in innovative and ingenious solutions, a feeling for your concerns and personal, expert service. A close relationship with our customers and suppliers and strong engineering provide the perfect foundation for optimised solutions and real added value.

As a family business we set high value on our employees. We build trust by being mindful and attentive, fair, respectful, open, honest and appreciative. Good performance and commitment are qualities we acknowledge. We empower each other to act independently and own up to our mistakes. This strengthens our independence and our self-confidence, because we know how important satisfaction, motivation and identifying with the company are for achieving outstanding performance. 

Communication is the key to a successful partnership and this is something that we nurture. Our decisions are transparent, both for us and for our customers. We are authentic, we listen, think like partners and are flexible and deliver what we promise. All this makes us a valuable partner - even if things do not always go according to plan.

Experience and the ambition to continuously improve are the ground on which our reliable and high quality performance feeds. Quality is the core of our brand awareness and is embedded in all performance carried out by ECKOLD. Even so, we do not make any compromises. We invest in our versatility, live to make improvements and share our knowledge. 

We will also continue to uphold our strengths in future – so that our mutual success remains something we enjoy doing.

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