The new Kraftformer KF 800

Huge reach for ambitious forming jobs.

With its huge horizontal reach of 800 mm, the Kraftformer KF 800 allows new possibilities to fabricate large-scale sheet metal parts. The machine is air driven and released by a foot pedal, either in single or continuous stroke mode. The single stroke function combined with the big reach is especially useful for correction jobs. Depending on the need of forming force, the machine has two stroke settings. A digital display shows the ram position with a 0.1 mm precision which results in a high repeatability of the forming force. The machine is adjustable in height, allowing the operator an ergonomic working position.

In this machines the well known ECKOLD forming tools with the „K“ adapter system are used. This allows tool changes within seconds. The tool range covers shrinking, stretching (steel and no-mar inserts), doming and planishing. As for all machines of ECKOLD, this machine incorporates robustness, durability, versatility and clever details.


  • Huge horizontal reach
  • Excellent accesibility for workpieces
  • Single and continuous stroke
  • Precise setting of forming force
  • Height adjustment
  • Big tool range
  • Quick change of tools
Throat depth horizontal 800 mm
Throat height vertical 446 mm
Working strokes per minute ~ 100 - 180
Forming capacity  
Steel (Rm = 400N/mm2) max. 2.0 mm
Aluminium (Rm = 250N/mm2) max. 2.0 mm
Stainless steel (Rm = 600N/mm2) max. 1.5 mm
Flyer KF 800
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