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CNC Lathing

We know how to turn heads!

Years of experience in product manufacturing for well-known Swiss end customers and our ECKOLD machines have taught us what responsibility means. We are happy to pass this experience on to you as a specialist milling service provider. 

CNC lathes

DMG MORI CTX gamma 2000 TC

Multi-axis turning/milling centre with powerful milling head, Tool magazine: 80 positions, Revolver with 12 stations. Suitable for complete 6-sided machining. Max. turning diameter ø700 x 2000

OKUMA LT 3000 CNC turning centre with a 3 m bar magazine, Main/Counter spindle, 2 revolvers and an automated system for work-piece removal.
GILDEMEISTER CTX gamma 1250 TC Multi-axis turning/milling centre with powerful milling head, Revolver with 12 stations and short rod loader. Suitable for complete 6-sided machining, Bar passage max. ø 65, max. ø630 x 1250
GILDEMEISTER CTX 520L 3-axis machine, with C-axis, Revolver with 12 stations (all driven), Bar passage max. ø80, max. ø440 x 1300
GILDEMEISTER CTX beta 500 mit Schwenkfutter 3-axis machine, with C-axis, Revolver with 12 stations (all driven), Swivel chuck, ideal for making angle, T and cross fittings. Span width max. 45, Side length max. 75
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