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MF 800

A complete workshop.

The MF 800 MultiFormer is a complete workshop in one machine – the ingenious multi-functional machine for stretching, planishing, driving and shrinking of metal sheets.

This sophisticated wheeling machine is ideal for working on medium to large size work pieces: such as motorbike tanks, fenders, hoods, bonnets, door panels, etc. With a large reach, but still compact, it is mounted on wheels so that I can easily be pushed to the workplace.

The ECKOLD MF 800 is available with or without the ECKOLD Handformer (HF 100). We recommend ordering the ECKOLD MF 800 version with the Handformer (Kit 2), in order to have all the processes available including shrinking. With an add on, the MF 800 can be optionally operated with the well-proven GL 2 planishing hammer.


Special features:

  • Large tool shelves
  • wheels and wheel supports rotatable by 90°
  • roller angle adjustable
  • large selection of optional accessories
  • quick tool change

Technical Data

Throat depth horizontal 813 mm
Throat height vertical 470 mm
Forming capacity 'English Wheel'  
Steel (Rm = 400N/mm2) max. 1.5 mm
Aluminium (Rm = 250N/mm2) max. 3.0 mm
Stainless Steel (Rm = 600N/mm2) max. 1.0 mm
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