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Image Quick tool change

Quick tool change

Changeover within seconds.

All forming tools have a quick change design which practically eliminates down time. For example changing from shrinking to stretching is done within seconds.

Image Precision


Sensitive pressure adjustment.

For the prefect shaping result, the power of ECKOLD Kraftformer machines can be triggered very precisely.

Image Ergonomics


User friendly operator interface.

All ECKOLD Kraftformer machines are easy to operate thanks to a clear and easily understandable operators panel. The KF 675 is operated by touchscreen.

Image The range of ECKOLD tools

The range of ECKOLD tools

ECKOLD machines and ECKOLD tools – the perfect combination.

The range of ECKOLD tools available is unique. We have the right tool for all forming jobs and material qualities. For shrinking, stretching, doming, flattening, planishing, no-mar, curving, etc.

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