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The new KF 675

Precision has a name.

Precise, silent and chipless. The same machine is used for bending profiles and forming sheet metal, for making new parts as well as for repairs and the precise correcting of parts.

A new and modern design, free choice of stroke speed and repeatable results by storable processing programms are just a few of many new properties. With a horizontal throat depth of 675 mm the ECKOLD KF 675 Kraftformer machine can easily handle very large and bulky parts up to 6.0 mm (m.s.) material thickness.

The ECKOLD KF 675 power hammer is the biggest of the servo motor-driven Kraftformer machines. The combination of sturdiness and strength with highly precise working features makes this machine indispensable for aircraft- or ship-building worldwide. However, rail car manufacturers or vintage car restorers appreciate the simple but effective operation as well. Special features of this machine are the sensitive control, high pressure available, and an extreme versatility because of the wide range of tools available.

Throat depth horizontal 675 mm
Throat height vertical 450 mm
Working strokes per minute - freely selectable 150 - 600
Formable sheet thickness  
Steel (Rm ~ 400 N/mm2) max. 6.0 mm
Aluminium (Rm ~ 250 N/mm2) max. 6.0 mm
Stainless steel (Rm ~ 600 N/mm2) max. 4.0 mm
Flyer KF 675
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