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KF 470 Medium

A perfect combination of sturdiness and precision.

The ECKOLD Kraftformer KF 470 Medium is the second largest machine in our Kraftformer range. It combines sturdiness and durability with high press forces and precision control and is characterized by a modern contemporary design.

The electronic display of the control system visualizes operations, fault tracing and indicated maintenance rates which ensure an optimum machine utilization. Storable processing programs allow repeatable results. This Kraftformer model is particularly recommended for the forming of sheet metal in the industrial metal construction sector. With a horizontal throat of 460 mm, the Kraftformer KF 470 Medium is capable of working large steel components with a sheet thickness of up to 3.0 mm.

Thanks to the many tools available for this Kraftformer, it caters for an exceptionally wide range of applications.


Throat depth horizontal 460 mm
Throat height vertical 475 mm
Working strokes per minute 300 / 600
Forming capacity  
Steel (Rm = 400N/mm2) max. 3.0 mm
Aluminium (Rm = 250N/mm2) max. 4.0 mm
Stainless steel (Rm = 600N/mm2) max. 2.0 mm


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