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KF 170 PD

The all-purpose solution.

Perfect, fast and comfortable forming with continuous stroke for precise correcting, adjusting, punching and clinching in single stroke mode - no problem with the KF 170 PD power hammer, just turn the lever – or in short: simple, clean and good!

The air powered KF 170 PD is the smallest of the ECKOLD Kraftformer machines for shrinking and stretching of sheet metal. It can be switched to single or multi stroke mode and can form mild steel material up to 2.0 mm thickness.

The single stroke operation makes the KF 170 PD ideal for correcting and adjusting jobs – and it can be used for punching, notching and clinching (connecting of sheet metal and profile sections).

Throat depth horizontal 170 mm
Throat height vertical 146 mm
Working strokes per minute 150 - 250
Forming capacity  
Steel (Rm = 400N/mm2) max. 2.0 mm
Aluminium (Rm = 250N/mm2) max. 2.0 mm
Stainless steel (Rm = 600N/mm2) max. 1.5 mm
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